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There are certain fundamental principles on which Asian Fox Developments was founded. These Fundamental principles define our Business Focus, form our Business Strategy and guide our initiatives:

Asian Fox Developments is an idea-enterprise. We thrive on innovation and creativity. Our services are provided at the highest end of the value chain. We are not a backend service provider. We create IT, Web & Marketing - Products and Services that fulfil various needs. These Products are indigenous. We conceptualize them and we build them.

Asian Fox Developments builds mass market IT, Web & Marketing - Products and Services. We do engage in custom development. We believe that we would be spreading our value too thin if we built software for a single client.

We believe in product ownership. We believe in building products which can be used by millions of users. Some of the reasons/advantages of this model are:

- A custom development business does not enjoy the true profit potential of the product it builds since it does not share the risk of product failure. A Product development business is exposed to product failure risks, but enjoys significantly higher profit margins
- The profit model of a custom software development business is entirely based on a cost-plus-margin equation. A Products business, on the other hand, bills based on value generated for a consumer. This value multiplied by the number of potential consumers results in greater revenue
- A custom software development business cannot reuse all of its projects. A successful Product, on the other hand, has a perpetual lifecycle, and results in ongoing revenue
- Innovation in a custom software development business is limited to process innovation. Innovation in a Product-focused organization involves fulfilling user needs and is far more diverse
- A custom development business's revenue growth is directly proportional to the availability of continuous skilled manpower. A Product based business's revenue growth does not share this limitation

Asian Fox Developments is a global enterprise. We have never considered geography as a limiting factor in any of our decisions. We harness technology to transcend geography and create a virtually global presence with respect to our users, employees, partners, suppliers and processes. Globalization for Asian Fox Developments means the following:

- We have physical as well as virtual presences at various locations globally encompassing various corporations, individuals, offices, infrastructure, users, clients and partners worldwide
- All our products and services have a global focus. We do not build products & services catering to a limited geography.
- Our Products involve partnerships with suppliers, technology providers, infrastructure providers, and channel partners worldwide

Asian Fox Developments believes in indigenous development. We conceptualize, develop, sell, and support all our Products. We control all aspects of our Products and Services. This results in greater control over quality and better alignment with our vision.

Asian Fox Developments focuses on innovation. We invest in creating high-margin, growth-intensive intellectual property as opposed to low-margin, capital-intensive infrastructure projects.

Asian Fox Developments believes in agile processes and process automation. We proactively identify and define processes for every function. We even have processes for defining processes. At the same time we are nimble to change. Our processes are agile and flexible. Additionally we are obsessive compulsive when it comes to process automation. From the very beginning we have strived to automate every business function we come across. We believe in a truly paperless environment. Our processes and automation are built to accommodate exponential growth. Our process orientation, agility and automation drive allow us to scale indefinitely.

Ayaan Chawla
Founder & CEO - Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies
Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Investor.

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